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You can’t plan things literally, because life has different plans altogether. You know they said it right, when life gives you lemon, make a lemonade. I did exactly the same, when I got chance of moving out of home for 2 months, I extended it to 8 months. With all the amazing experiences, now I am only left with regret of coming back from heaven.

With a plan of 2 months stay in Mcleodganj, I left home in February 2017, which ultimately happened to be 8 months stay. Even I didn’t understand how smoothly those 8 months went. Not as smooth as it looks like though.

I had no plan as such of shifting to Mcleodganj and basically making it my summer capital, but I ended up learning lots of things about life, people, friends, household chores and many other things that were left unseen while living with parents in plains.

I was lucky enough to find a place to rent with a help of a friend. It was one of the beautiful room in whole of Dharamshala. When you wake up in the morning with first few rays of Sun peeping through glass windows and curtains, you never fail to wake up smiling. First thing I used to do in morning was to see outside, the mighty Dhauladhar ranges and think if it’s a pretty dream or a sweet reality. Till my last day, I was in awe of the Dhauladhar Ranges.

I am a Freelance Visual Designer, so I had no problem of going out and work everyday. I used to spend most of my time inside my room or sitting outside watching clouds and blue sky. If I wish, I would not get to see human beings around me except my neighbors.

I did nothing but chill for the first 3 months. I made new friends, found few creeps and hosted some amazing friends from Instagram. I owe Instagram a lot for giving me some amazingly awesome people in life. Also, by the end of my days in Mcllo, I made friends with Grocery Shop Uncles, Fruit & Veggie Vendor, Cabwalas and some cafe owners.

Bhagsu, Naddi and Dharamkot were our regular hangouts, specially the time spent in Bhagsu is unforgettable. I know, it’s too crowded but memories dude, memories.

I wondered till the last day of my stay, that how lovingly a place and people of mountain accept you and make you one of their own. Mcllo has a part of me, it will always have.



Travelling Toes

Triund Trek

Type… Delete… Type… Delete… Put some Melancholy Music… Type… Think….

Obviously, this is going to be my first of all travel blogs. Also when I don’ t know how to use WordPress, but I am trying my hands and working on it. Let’s see how far it goes.

For Intro, I must tell you, this is not the place if you are looking for travel itinerary, hotel details or reviews. Mostly I will be putting up random stuff, sometimes when I am truly proud of my itinerary, I will post that too. Well for the start, I don’t know what I am going to do with this.

Travelling, a religion, sense of gratification, possibly the only thing that I am into from last 4 years. I have a tendency of getting bore of things after sometime. But about travelling, I am not bored, I am more excited than ever. I am always like take me to the place where I have never been. Take me to the new adventures, to the less crowded place in a far far land. The more I go to the different places, more I learn. I learn how to explore a region, to respect the nature, to find your own way, to deal with the consequences, to be friendly with the strangers, to be patient and calm, most importantly how to be one of them.

Obviously, neither our parents nor our school taught us this. Travelling teaches you a lot about life, about love & about death. I am not an avid traveler. I would not even call myself  a traveler till the time I can tell you all the knick – knacks, turns, potholes & best chai tapri of that particular place. For now, I am just exploring places, trying to know them better and obviously marking them religiously on my travel map.

I am more of a desi wanderer. Never been out of India, except Nepal if you call it foreign. I was always a beach person till the time I went to Mcleodganj, my first trip to Himalayas. Not that I am more of Mountain person and I hate beaches. But you know, the kind of peace between all the hustle bustle you find among Himalayas, is nowhere else. You won’t even find it in staring western ghats, the kind of feel you get while staring at Himalayan Mountains. I am not saying you Smoke Up and do that, but you can feel it even if you are sober.

According to my people around, I travel a lot and so I was told to write a blog. I never knew how to start with that. I didn’t know how to convey that feeling of moment in words. I thought if I had my laptop now while I am sitting here in-front of Beas River, I could have wrote something meaningful. But you know, being a strong believer of Stars, whatever is meant to be, will surely happen one day. So I think, this is the day. I might start this, even if I am sitting inside four walls of my pretty house.

Please, please do comment. I will not hate you for the hate words. All I need is some love and lots of confidence to be back here. *Hugs*