Butoh: A Japanese dance form defined by very evasion of its definition


Back in April 2017 during my time in Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh, this story is of one lazy afternoon which was my introduction to Butoh.

A friend of mine was intrigued by the idea to go and see a famous but pretty controversial dance performance which was open for public viewing only once a week for people of the  town .

For I was aware of only slim details about Butoh and most of it was seeming like hearsay, my interest and excitement was pretty obvious.

 I won’t lie but at first my only concern was to get this unfamiliar name right and then bother about its how’s and why’s.

Hastily making my way to the venue, I was just in time for the first Butoh performance of the day which started with clink of a Tibetan Singing bowl and what followed was once in a life time experience .

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Travelling Toes

Triund Trek

Type… Delete… Type… Delete… Put some Melancholy Music… Type… Think….

Obviously, this is going to be my first of all travel blogs. Also when I don’ t know how to use WordPress, but I am trying my hands and working on it. Let’s see how far it goes.

For Intro, I must tell you, this is not the place if you are looking for travel itinerary, hotel details or reviews. Mostly I will be putting up random stuff, sometimes when I am truly proud of my itinerary, I will post that too. Well for the start, I don’t know what I am going to do with this.

Travelling, a religion, sense of gratification, possibly the only thing that I am into from last 4 years. I have a tendency of getting bore of things after sometime. But about travelling, I am not bored, I am more excited than ever. I am always like take me to the place where I have never been. Take me to the new adventures, to the less crowded place in a far far land. The more I go to the different places, more I learn. I learn how to explore a region, to respect the nature, to find your own way, to deal with the consequences, to be friendly with the strangers, to be patient and calm, most importantly how to be one of them.

Obviously, neither our parents nor our school taught us this. Travelling teaches you a lot about life, about love & about death. I am not an avid traveler. I would not even call myself  a traveler till the time I can tell you all the knick – knacks, turns, potholes & best chai tapri of that particular place. For now, I am just exploring places, trying to know them better and obviously marking them religiously on my travel map.

I am more of a desi wanderer. Never been out of India, except Nepal if you call it foreign. I was always a beach person till the time I went to Mcleodganj, my first trip to Himalayas. Not that I am more of Mountain person and I hate beaches. But you know, the kind of peace between all the hustle bustle you find among Himalayas, is nowhere else. You won’t even find it in staring western ghats, the kind of feel you get while staring at Himalayan Mountains. I am not saying you Smoke Up and do that, but you can feel it even if you are sober.

According to my people around, I travel a lot and so I was told to write a blog. I never knew how to start with that. I didn’t know how to convey that feeling of moment in words. I thought if I had my laptop now while I am sitting here in-front of Beas River, I could have wrote something meaningful. But you know, being a strong believer of Stars, whatever is meant to be, will surely happen one day. So I think, this is the day. I might start this, even if I am sitting inside four walls of my pretty house.

Please, please do comment. I will not hate you for the hate words. All I need is some love and lots of confidence to be back here. *Hugs*